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Project title: "ARCADIA IN FLUX"
Client: R.C. TECH
Location: Cythera, Athens
Synopsis: Arcadia in Flux is a cinematic showcase of two typologies of architectural projects designed and built by R.C.TECH - residences and places of work, in Kythera and Athens.

Project title: "Anassa"
Client: Thanos Hotels
Location: Akamas, Cyprus
Synopsis: Promo using a different approach on how to portray a hotel using sound and architecture to describe the experience of the visitor.

Project title: "Annabelle"
Client: Thanos Hotels
Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Synopsis: A quirky and romantic story of a middle-age couple.

Project title: "Almyra"
Client: Thanos Hotels
Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Synopsis: Highlights of a young couple's day in a modern and minimal hotel environment.

Project title: "Tourism Landscapes: Remaking Greece" 14th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia
Location: Venice, Italy
Synopsis: A "meditative" video showcasing the Greek Participation at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Italy.

Project title: "The House with the Sundial"
Client: R.C.TECH 
Location: Kythera, Greece
Synopsis: The video explores the relationship between the architectural and design features of the house with the landscape around it,

Project title: "The Zarmynarie House"
Client: R.C.TECH 
Location: Kythera, Greece
Synopsis: A stylised documentary showing moments from the holidays of a french family and their guests in their summer house villa. 

Project title: "Oozora" Japanese Restaurant Promo
Client: Oozora 
Location: Athens, Greece
Synopsis: A stylized video promoting the Japanese-Peruvian high end restaurant located in the North of Athens.

Project title: "UpFestival Koufonissia"
Client: Up Festival 
Location: Ano Koufonissi, Greece
Synopsis: A promotional video showing highlights from the up and coming Up Festival.  A totally summer time music experience.

A short promotional documentary on painter and visual artist Spyros Poulimenos, a few days before the opening of his exhibition. Director: Orfeas Peretzis Client: